Parasitic Mite Syndrome

Snotty Brood, Cruddy Brood, Bee Parasitic Mite Syndrome, BPMS

Parasitic mite syndrome (PMS) is associated with high varroa mite infestations in hives.


  • Spotty brood pattern
  • Dead brood found in cells that are discolored, turning a yellow brown to dark brown color
  • Both capped and uncapped brood are affected
  • Varroa mites are present
  • Tracheal mites may be present


  • pest - varroa destructor


  • Clinical signs


  • Feed colonies with Terramycin in 1:1 sugar syrup.
  • Feed colonies with fumagillin
  • Apistan Strips
  • Use resistant bee stock
  • Breed queens from colonies that appear to have some resistance to mites.
  • Treat for tracheal mites with vegetable oil patties
  • Feed colonies pollen substitute

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